Mon travail


« Naming and building the memory we lack. » Patrick Chamoiseau It was during a first trip to Martinique that I realized the importance of the history of the slave trade. This issue is omnipresent and perceptible on the island. My work began more concretely with an artistic residency in Tighmart (April 2018) in southern Morocco, which enabled me to carry out fairly spontaneous encounters and interviews. My contacts were very rich in this oasis located on the caravan route near Guelmim. The descendants of slaves claim to be Abid. The Beidan (white people) speak of the slave trade as part of a bygone era, and through our exchanges, I sensed that the legacy was still very much alive. Fez was another important step in continuing this work of collecting and clearing up. This city, where I regularly reside, enabled me to discover other areas of interrogation. The next step was an artistic residency in Bordeaux (September 2018) to gauge how this issue was being addressed in all its complexity.
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